Soi Safari Lodge

Soi Safari LodgeThe ‘new kid on the block’, in terms of Baringo hotels; but, already, establishing itself for excellence in design and the provision of a wide range of services.
Besides the conference facilities and the nicely-situated swimming pool, there is a massage parlour which is popular (mainly with the ladies).
Natural stone features prominently in the walls, pathways and flowerbeds of the lodge, helping it to blend in with the harsh, rugged terrain that is typical of the lake surroundings.

For accommodation, a variety of rooms are available, on ground floor or first floor levels, providing a comfortable interior and a verandah / balcony. With few exceptions, they offer a view of the lake and its islands, enabling one to follow their changing appearance and moods as the day goes by. The morning sunrise can be particularly splendid.

The hotel is only metres from the lake and close to the village of Kampi ya Samaki, which is the shopping and business centre for the local people. Boat trips out onto the lake for sightseeing or fishing are quickly organized because the hotel has its own boats. Local guides (such as Sylvester Kipkebut: 0714284219) can take you around Kampi ya samaki , to the Snake Centre, to the place to buy fish and to other places of interest in the close vicinity.

If you are there at the right time (early evening) you may view the "calling of the crocodiles" to be fed.

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