Kerio View

Kerio View is a small, quiet hotel near Iten in the Keiyo highlands at 2360m altitude. It has a marvellous view of the Kerio Valley 1000m below and eco-friendly grounds with a variety of indigenous trees. Bird life is abundant. The Casqued hornbills are raucous contributors to the dawn and evening chorus. The melodious song of the beautiful Ross's Turaco is heard throughout the day; but the birds themselves are only briefly glimpsed as they make a dash from tree to tree. Rock hyrax and Colobus monkeys are regular intruders; Sykes monkeys only occasionally.

The bar is well stocked with a wide variety of drinks, including malt whiskeys and a selection of wines. The menu is extensive and the staff very friendly. Every evening there is a big fire in the fireplace of the main building, because at this altitude the nights can be cold: ---- remember to bring an extra cardigan or jumper. If you want to relax, have some time to yourself, or perhaps some time to share with that very special someone ---- Kerio View is the place for you.
Hikes and drives to the Kerio Valley can be organised. Paragliders, who normally come in January / February, use Kerio View as their take-off point.

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