Lake Bogoria

BogoriaBogoria lake is long and narrow (33 km by 4 km) with an average depth of only 10m. Since 1973 it has been protected within an area gazetted as the Lake Bogoria National Reserve. It is a RAMSAR site and is on the “Tentative List” of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The animals to be found here include the Greater Kudu, zebra, impala, gazelle, dikdik, Klipsringer, baboon, warthog, jackal, hyena, foxes, monkeys, African Hunting Dogs and the elusive leopard. Currently there is a single, lonely lion. The kudu population is currently 380; a great success story, because only a few years ago it was 10.

Greater KuduUndoubtedly, Bogoria is most well known for hot springs, geysers and flamingoes. They are related phenomena. The lake is fed by two rivers (Emsos and Sandai) and more than 180 alkaline hot springs, but has no surface outlet ---- so its alkalinity increases due to evaporation. In the warm, alkaline shallows near the shoreline blue-green algae flourish (giving the water a greenish colour) and this is the food for the flamingos, which often come in their hundreds of thousands to feed.
Strangely, the Lesser Flamingo, though happy to feed, will never breed in Bogoria and scientists are still not sure why.

Bogoria has the highest concentration of true geysers in Africa --- at least 18 have been active in the last 30 years. It is these jets of steam and boiling water, and the masses of pink flamingos at the fringes of the lake, that leave the most lasting impression on visitors.

Bogoria is accessed by turning off the Nakuru – Marigat road (B4) 2 km before Marigat. It is then a drive of 20 km to the Loboi gate to the Reserve. The B4/Bogoria road junction is only just over 1 km from the B4/Kabarnet road junction. Total driving distance from Kabarnet is about 60 km; from Nakuru 125 km.
Accommodation is available at the Lake Bogoria Spa Resort. Campsites are available at or near all the gates to the Reserve: Loboi; Netbon; Emsos.
If you did not bring the tent and you really need budget accommodation, try Zakayos which has 4 self-contained rooms with mosquito nets --- and not much else. It is a short distance from the Liboi Gate.