Lake Bogoria Spa Resort

Lake Bogoria Spa Resort

The resort is five minutes drive away from the Lake Bogoria National Reserve and is the place to stay for those who visit the Reserve ---- particularly those who wish to stay for an extended period.

Formerly, it was called “Lake Bogoria Hotel”. The name was changed to reflect the wide range of facilities it has to offer. Most significantly, it has the only naturally-heated, spa pool in Kenya; it is fed by a hot spring arising close to the lake.

But this is far from being its only attraction. It has a ‘cold, fresh water’ swimming pool; though this is not actually a true description, because the sun ensures it is pleasantly warm during the day. It has expansive lawns dotted with Acacia trees over which you can stroll to observe and photograph the birds ---- of which there is a tremendous variety. You may not be the only one out strolling, however; very likely you will encounter a few ostriches “bouncing” their way across the lawns. They are particularly interesting to observe in the breeding season when the males perform a very curious courtship display.

The conference facilities available at Bogoria Spa resort are next to none west of Nairobi; the conference room is a separate building designed, constructed and fitted specifically for its purpose.
About half (21) of the accommodation rooms are in the wide, gently-curving, main building, which radiates a friendly, welcoming aura to arriving visitors. However, there are also 23 “cottages” set some distance away and available to those who would wish for more seclusion.

A new development is the extensive relaxation / nyama choma area, with large kitchen, large bar and numerous small, get-together bandas that is sign-boarded as “Choma Ranch”. All the buildings are well constructed and thatched. The bar in particular, with its skeleton of huge gum-tree poles, is imposing. Choma Ranch is a fine facility for resident and day visitors alike.
More and more people have come to know of it and, particularly at weekends and on public holidays, will race up the good tarmac road from Nakuru (or Nairobi) to be there.
The management and the resident gardener are to be congratulated for the fine work they are doing in spreading greenery and shade in this historically semi-arid locality.

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