Eliye Springs Lodge

Eliye Springs is a fresh-water pool fed by permanent, underground spring(s).
It may have been in existence for thousands of years (since it was exposed by the recession of the lake).

Just next to the spring-pool is the new Eliye Springs Lodge, an oasis in the desert and, for some who have been there, “memories of another Mombasa” in northern Kenya. It sits directly on the unspoiled beach of the lake, amongst the palm trees that flourish around the clear water of the springs. The fine white-sand, with a gentle slope to the water’s edge, is ideal for your kids.
The remoteness and tranquility of Eliye, with little interference from the outside world, enables one to really escape the daily stresses of life.
Facilities include a swimming pool fed by spring water, campsite, tents and bedding and other equipment for hire. The campsite has all necessary facilities. 5 traditional Turkana huts, with nice double beds, offer an alternative to camping and a more local experience. There are also some more luxurious, self-contained “Bomas”.
The buildings from the old lodge --- which may perhaps be remembered by some as the background in parts of the film “Fire Heart”, a documentary about the war in Eritrea --- have been removed or transformed into kitchen, other facility rooms and a Cool-breeze Bar and Restaurant.
Fishing on the Lake and visits to Central Island are amongst the activities available. In the past, boats from the local Youth Group were hired; but now the Lodge has acquired its own. Boat hire is expensive because of fuel costs, but no adventurer should let this deter them from the memorable experiences of visiting Central Island and other places on the lake (such as Sibiloi).

The Lodge is 66 km from Lodwar; 46km of this, from the junction with the main road (D348), is a sandy track with some loose (or very loose) sand in places. 4WD may not be necessary, but, as always, can be useful. Good driving technique is equally important. Automatic transmission is a liability if one does get stuck in the sand, so don't take chances if driving such a vehicle ----- keep up momentum and have "pushers" in position before attempting to cross a tricky section.

For those with limited time, a direct charter flight is possible to the airstrip a few kilometers from the lodge.

For bookings or inquiries, contact gloroadventure@yahoo.com.