Enjoy Africa

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Wherever one travels in the North Rift one is brought face to face with a, sometimes startling, mix of the old and the new. Modern developments and traditional ways coexist in an ever-changing social flux.

3 on a bike The best way to get the Africa experience is to get out there and travel. The slower the better; ideally on foot or by bicycle. If this is not possible, at least tell the driver to slow down and make many stops along the way.
A good guide can be invaluable, especially for first-time visitors; he should be able to give interesting explanations to questions, communicate effectively with the local people and generally solve problems and save money. Yes, save you money ! ---- bargaining over price is still the way of business outside of the large shops and supermarkets of the towns. Your guide will be able to help you drive down the price of souvenirs, gifts and other purchases by a considerable margin. Don't feel bad about "pushing down" the price; if you don't you will be taken advantage of, pay very highly and be laughed at rather than respected.