TUMBILI CLIFF RESORT is relatively new and located right on the edge of Lake Baringo, north of Kampi ya Samaki. The construction and decor are amazing. Pay a visit when next in the region.

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This old lodge, at one time in the distant past called "Lake Baringo Club", died a few years ago, drowned in the rising waters of the Lake. But, the harsh reality of its sad demise is thrust upon us now by the stark skeleton of its remains exposed by the receding waters.
An historically unprecedented high water level totally submerged the Lodge and, further along the shoreline, other old (and beautiful) buildings belonging to the Roberts and Leakey families.

Now, the few remaining walls show the distinct high-water mark, well above head height, that sealed its doom. The destruction is total and, for those of us who remember the beautiful, friendly place it was,.... unbelievable.

Formerly an old colonial-era building, it was refurbished into a hacienda style lodge with lines of banda accommodation  set apart, at a distance across the beautiful gardens. Most of all it was a place of vibrant colour; a dazzling spectrum of flowers and birds in all directions one looked. In the evenings one would hear ---and often meet -- the hippos grazing on the lawn outside the bandas.

Alas, its all gone. A sad loss indeed to Kenya and Baringo County in particular.
But it is heartening to see other fine facilities coming into being along the Baringo lake shore. We hope they will become as beautiful, eco-friendly and memorable as our much-missed, departed friend.