CEAMO HOTEL is now a few years old. It is a very quiet and modern establishment in the center of Lodwar town.




THE CRADLE is the newest tourist hotel on the Lodwar scene. An appropriate name for an establishment in the County which claims to be the "Cradle of Mankind". But also a good name in the sense that it implies guests will be well treated (like a baby ?).

However, as of this moment, we have no real information or pictures. The establishnent is reported to belong to the Governor of the County ----- so we expect it to be up to a high standard.

We welcome any info and pics you can provide.



ELIYE SPRINGS                             (May 19th) 
The Jewel of Lake Turkana


Dear business partner,

Greetings from us! A survey about tourism in Turkana showed a shocking result:80% of Tour Operators  didn't react on requests about a safari to Turkana, and the 20% that did had very limited information.
We can help you. For 10 years we have been operating Eliye Springs Resort on the western shore of Lake Turkana; we have the needed knowledge and experience. We can always advise you when it comes to Turkana. Please have a look at the atachments for  more information.

On top our MD wrote a useful book about Lake Turkana and its environment. The book "Adventure Lake Turkana" is available through this email and can be sent out against invoice. The cost is Ksh 500 per copy, plus postage. It is an ideal present for anybody who is interested in Turkana.

We are ready to serve your guests and to assure them of a life-time experience and adventure. Many customers need this "back to nature" !
Prove for yourself what we speak about! This is our offer: You as tour operators are invited to visit Eliye Springs Resort for a  complimentary night for 2, Every other person or extra night we will charge at the rate of 50%.
We will be happy to get your reaction and look forward to hosting your team! With kind regards,