Reserves in North Rift


NP means a National Park

NR means National Reserve

FR represents Forest Reserve.



Note that latitude/longitude grid-references refer to an approximately
central position within the area of the park or reserve.

1. Sibiloi NP 03 58 N 36 22E 1590 km² Boat hire from Kalokol to Alia Bay (≈ 50 km). Airstrips at Alia Bay and Ileret. The fossil excavations of Koobi Fora. Koobi Fora Museum. Hippo, crocodiles, Lesser Kudu, oryx, gerenuk. Simple guesthouse accommodation.

2. Central Island NP 03 30N 36 03E 5 km² Boat hire from Kalokol (≈ 15 km). Kalokol 50 km from Lodwar on D348. Hot, arid, dormant volcano. Crater lakes inhabited by crocs, sometimes flamingos. Water birds and birds of prey. No habitation/accommodation of any sort.

3. South Island NP 02 37N 36 35E 39 km² Boat hire from Loiyangalani (76 km from South Horr; 214 km from Maralal on C77). Access from W shore (≈140 km) possible but difficult because of distance & time. Crocodiles and hippo in surrounding waters. Water birds and birds of prey. No habitation/accommodation of any sort.

4. South Turkana NR 01 47N 35 38E 1091 km² Access from A1 just beyond Kainuk. Thick bush and riverine forest along river banks. Buffalo, giraffe, eland, kudu, leopard, gazelle, hyenas, migrating elephants. No accommodation or facilities for visitors. Camping at KWS post.

5. Nasalot NR 01 49N 35 23E 102 km² Access from A1 just before Kainuk. Buffalo, bushbuck, lion, leopard, hyenas, Lesser kudu, Fringe-eared Oryx, baboon, migratory elephants. No accommodation or facilities for visitors. Camping at KWS post.

6. Saiwa Swamp NP 01 08N 35 06E 3 km² 27 km from Kitale;Access from A1. Swamp and riverine forest. A variety of monkeys and small cats. 372 species of birds and 150 species of trees. Accommodation in small tree-house; special KWS campsite.

7. Mount Elgon NP 01 04N 34 45E 169 km² Access from C44 / C45 ; 26 km from Kitale. Mountain walking. Buffalo, zebra, elephants, monkeys, cats, bushpig, Forest hog, bats. More than 240 species of birds. 4 self-catering bandas; private and public campsites --- all maintained by KWS.

8. Rimoi & Kamnarok NR 00 40N 35 37E 66 km² Access Rimoi from C52; access Kamnarok from E333. Elephants, small cats, hyenas, bats, pangolin. Camping at KWS post.

9. Lake Baringo 00 37N 36 04E 168 km² Not a NR or NP but a Ramsar Site and famous for its variety of bird life. Access via B4; 18 km from Marigat. Good hotels on/near shore.

10. Lake Bogoria NR 00 15N 36 06E 130 km² Access from junction with B4 (20 km). Geysers and hot springs. Lesser Kudu, Ostrich, baboons and flamingos. Campsites near access gates. Good hotel nearby

11. North Nandi FR 00 20N 34 59E 105 km² Access from C39 or C37. Equatorial, mid-altitude, closed-canopy forest. 160 species of birds. Camping with permission.

12. South Nandi FR 00 09S 35 00E 162 km² Access from C37 or C38. Equatorial, mid-altitude, closed-canopy forest. 115 species of forest birds;47 forest specialists. Camping with permission.

13. Kakamega Forest NR 00 18S 34 54E 45 km² Outside North Rift Region; in Western Kenya --- but adjacent to S. Nandi Forest. Access from C39 or A1. 15 km from Kakamega. Last remaining low-altitude (Congo-type) equatorial forest in Kenya. Variety of monkeys; small cats, antelopes and bush pig. Bird-watchers paradise (over 400 species). Limited cottage accomodation in "Rondo Retreat".