These three Czech guys went into Iten and hired 3 Boxer (made in India) motorcycles; all in good condition, but none of them new.

Next day they set off on the road to Maralal. In the next few days they reached Tum, on the western side of Mt. Nyiru and then a rocky hillside above Lake Logipi, where they camped. The next stage of their journey was to cross the steep, volcanic "Barrier" to reach the southernmost point on Lake Turkana (Nebuyatom volcanic cone). From there, the challenge was to follow the treacherous, and in many places indistinct, track up the east side of the Lake to Loiyengalani.  This route is often difficult, even for a 4WD vehicle with low-ratio gears. But, by this time, gears were not the main problem for our Czech friends: they were now quite exhausted and very dehydrated. To make matters worse, they were running on almost empty petrol tanks.
This was a tragedy about to happen, yet by a miracle they survived to tell their story. What saved them was a "drinking tube" through which they sucked water directly ftom the alkaline lake. These tubes are a marvellous and recent invention which guarantee to extract clean, sterile water from any dirty source. I believe they are now available on the market, even in Kenya.

In Loiyengalani our intrepid trio rested for a few days, before resuming their journey north; following the coastal track to Moite Mountain. On this leg of the journey, rocks were not the problem; rather, very loose sand. At Moite they abandoned the idea of continuing further north to Sibiloi and Ethiopia. They decided on a quicker, less exhausting, but, nevertheless, unconventional means to cross to the west side of the Lake ------ by boat !!!
They negotiated with the local fishermen to be transported, together with motorbikes, across the 35 km or so of water, to Eliye Springs.

Once in Eliye, it was just a short journey to Lodwar and then they were back on the regular travel map; roads still rough, but with a classification and increasing levels of traffic as they travelled further south. They got back to Iten x days after the start of their safari ---- very tired, but otherwise in good condition. As can be imagined, the motorbikes had many punctures during the course of the safari and returned with many items broken or unserviceable; but remarkably, engines and gear boxes apparently OK.

This was a truely remarkable journey  ---- especially considering it was non-Kenyans doing it.
It could be the first time motorcycles have
(i)   been used to cross from Suguta to South Turkana (Nebuyatom)
(ii)  been used to travel up the South east shoreline of the Lake
(iii) been ferried across the Lake, east to west.
Any information and comments on this would be very welcome.

Congratulations to this great team of adventurers. I will try to get more of their story and some of their pictures.