KENYAN RIDERS   "Chasing the uphill dream"

An exploding force on the Sports scene. The Kenyan bike riders have everybody racing to catch up with them ----- not just the ladies ! !

KRiders3A tough team. Built for endurance.

Here you see team members posed against the backdrop of the spectacular Kerio Valley, which is one of their main training areas. A particularly tough challenge is the sinuous ascent up the eastern wall of the valley to Kabarnet then the turn around and complete crossing of the valley to climb the equally challenging western wall to the town of Iten. This involves climbing 2000m over a distance of about 70 km. In fact, this route is also the basis of a once-yearly open invitation race that attracts competitors from East Africa and a few (ever increasing) overseas countries.

Supported by the local people.KRiders1cr

Just see the wanainchi waving as the Riders pass ---- swooshing through the local villages in a blurr of black and red. This support has, in recent times, been greatly boosted by coorporate sponsorships, including that of Kenya's very own Safaricom.
Kerio View Lodge is a sponsor of the annual, invitational "Tour de Kerio".
Other individuals and companies are also invited to support the K R programme to put Kenya on the world map of cycling.


Those legs will soon win a major Tour

You better believe it. After all, these are the same legs and lungs as Kenya's Olympic and World champions of the athletics track; ---- we have just put them on top of two wheels.
Esquire Magazine predicts that an African rider will win the Tour de France before 2025 --- without the use of drugs ! ---- and there is a very high chance this African could be a Kenyan.  What a wonderful result this would be when, in the not-too-distant future, we look back and review the results of the "Vision 2030" government development program. Lets make it happen ! !

 The next K R generationKRiders4

are already in training and waiting to step into their brothers' and sisters' shoes (and on to their cycles).
In fact, this is a major challenge: the talent is there in abundance, but cycles and equipment are always in short supply


In January 2017, Kenyan riders merged with "Bike Aid". For more info go to the website: