Towns in North Rift


1. Lodwar 03 07 N 35 36E Admin center for Turkana District. Largest town in NW Kenya. Population ≈ 20000. On A1 it is 301 km from Kitale. Small airport; flights to Kitale and Nairiobi. Strategic link for aid to Turkana & Sudan.

2. Kapenguria 01 14N 35 07E Admin center for West Pokot. Population ≈ 15000 On A1 it is 35 km from Kitale. Has museum and Tegla Loroupe Peace Foundation. Former president Jomo Kenyatta imprisoned here.

3. KITALE 01 01N 35 00E Admin center for Trans Nzoia District. Population (greater urban) ≈ 220000. On A1 it is 74 km from Eldoret. Small airport; flights from Nairobi. Center of agricultural production and processing; mainly maize, beans and coffee. Has museum. Near Saiwa Swamp NP and Mount Elgon NP.

4. Kapsowar 00 59N 35 33E Admin center for Marakwet District. On D340 it is 47 km from Iten. Link roads to Kerio Valley and Cherangany Hills. Marketing of agricultural produce, mainly potatoes, pyrethrum, mangoes & wool.

5. Iten 00 40N 35 30E Admin center for Keiyo District. Population ≈ 5000 On C51 it is 33 km from Eldoret. Link roads to Kerio Valley. Agricultural produce mainly maize, mangoes and passion fruit. High-altitude athletics training; "Home of Champions". Near Rimoi NR.

6. Kabarnet 00 30N 35 45E Admin center for Baringo District Population ≈ 10000 On C51 it is 55 km from iten; 138 km from Nakuru. Has museum. Near Kamnarok NR. Home town of former president Daniel Arap Moi.

7. Marigat 00 47N 35 58E At junction of major roads. On B4 it is 94 km from Nakuru; on C51 it is 40 km from Kabarnet. Link roads to Lake Baringo and Lake Bogoria NR

8. ELDORET 00 31N 35 17E Admin center for Uasin Gishu District Population ≈ 300000 5th-largest town in Kenya; Commercial & economic hub of North Rift On A104 (Trans-Africa highway) it is 154 km from Nakuru. International Airport; daily flights to Nairobi. Textiles; Storage & processing of grain; milk products. Moi University.

9. Kapsabet 00 12N 35 06E Admin center for Nandi North. Population ≈ 23000 On C39 it is 46 km from Eldoret. Trading in mixed agricultural produce; milk production. Home area of many international long-distance runners. Near North Nandi Forest NR and Kaptaroi NP. Baraton University.

10. Nandi Hills 00 06N 35 11E Admin center for Nandi South On C37 it is 21 km from Kapsabet; 67 km from Eldoret. Main center for tea farming in Nandi; Milk production. Koitalel Samoei Arap Turgat Memorial Near Bonjogi NP, South Nandi Forest FR and Kakamega NP.

11. Eldama Ravine 00 05N 35 43E Admin center for Koibatek District. On B53 it is 50 km from Nakuru. Flower farming; formerly timber before closure of forests.

12. NAKURU 00 17S 36 00E Outside North Rift Region; in Central Rift --- but access point for Eldoret (A104; 153 km) and Baringo (B4; 113 km). 4th largest town in Kenya (3rd in population). Population ≈ 300000. Near Menengai Crater and Lake Nakuru NP.