Kips Eco Resort

Kips Eco Resort From Nandi Hills, drive out of town, passing the District Commissioner’s Office (on right), the Arap Samoei Monument (on left), the turn-off to Nandi Bears Club (on left) and head for the Chemomi tea factory on the T2606 road. After 2km, reaching the Samoei Secondary School, branch left onto the Kapsimotwo road (E247) and then, almost immediately, right onto the signposted dirt road that runs downhill to Kips Resort.
If you have made a prior booking, the proprietors, Chemutai and David, will be there to meet you at the gate.

Kips Eco Resort is still in the early stages of development. Accommodation is limited to one house built to resemble a traditional Nandi house and two “bamboo lodges” ---- each furnished with two beds. Their interiors are simple and rustic. They lack a hot shower; but hot water is available in basin or jug. Electricity sockets are there for appliances and charging mobile phones etc. Perhaps the best feature of the rooms is the light but warm duvet blanket on each bed.
Meals are served in the homely atmosphere of David and Chemutai’s dining room”. Advance booking is recommended.

Day visitors to Kips Resort come to relax or take a picnic in the recreational garden which is Kip’s special attraction. The garden is located in a small “wetland valley” accessed by a short but steep descent. Already, though far from finished, it is beautiful and peaceful. It has a fish pond and a variety of birds are residents or visitors, including Ross’s turaco. A small number of sitatunga antelope may be introduced soon.
Wedding, workshop, seminar and garden-party groups may book all or part of the garden for their special needs.

From Kips Resort, day trips can be arranged to, among other places, Kapsimotwo Gardens, Nandi Bears Golf Club, Koitalel Samoei Museum, Kibabet caves, Chemomi wetland picnic site and an operating tea factory.


Blue Hills Hotel

Blue Hills

Blue Hills is a multi-story, town hotel located in the heart of Nandi Hills. It definitely has to be rated as one of the best facilities in the region. Double, twin-bed and single rooms are available. All are self-contained. Unfortunately the total of rooms is small (only 14) so it is easily booked out.

The Restaurant and Bar and small meeting room are essentially for the residents, but will admit non-residents who conform to criteria set by the management.
“Woodleys Fast Food” is on the ground floor. It is convenient for those who need to “grab a bite” and dash off to the next appointment.

Tindinyo Falls Resort

Where the Yala river sweeps out of the shadows of the South Nandi Forest and, for the first time, sees to the south, across the sunlit plains, the mighty lake to which it is destined, as if in a desperate attempt to avoid its fate it turns and runs to the north. Within this river bend is Tindinyo: a place of green lawns, quiet riverbanks, an old colonial-era house and a mighty, roaring waterfall. The waterfall dominates everything.
The old house and an adjacent building have been converted into accommodation rooms for visitors; there are 8 rooms in total. A cook is always available to prepare meals. Both rooms and meals are reasonably priced. The lawns and an adjacent annex/hall may be hired out for private functions, wedding parties and company promotions etc.
Very unattractive and unpleasant barbed wire separates visitors from the banks of the waterfall; apart from this, the whole area is quite beautiful and can be a quiet retreat for lovers and nature-lovers.
On the river side, and inconveniently blocking the view of the waterfall, is a construction of galvanized iron sheets that used to house a functional mill, for grinding maize, powered by the force of rushing water. The survival of the metal sheets for 70 or more years may be a matter of wonder, but, otherwise, its continued existence has little to recommend it. It should be entirely removed or, better, restored to working order as a machine of historical interest (Kenya Museums take note).
To get to Tindinyo, from Kabsabet drive 16 km on the C39, passing Kapkangani, to Chepsonoi. A further 1 km brings you to the turn-off for the Kakamega Forest (D ?). Pass this and after 2 km more you reach, on the right, the signboard to the resort.
Being located between the Kakamega Forest and the South Nandi Forest and next to a river, the bird watching is marvelous with birds of both eco-zones visiting the resort and its surroundings. Be on the look-out for the Great Blue Turaco that always moves through the trees in groups.