Ndalat Hill

If you would just like a nice walk and a nice view of the region and do not want to go too far from Eldoret, try Ndalat Hill.

Cross the Sosiani River and drive south, out of Eldoret, on the C39. After only a few kilometers, turn right (west) onto the D288 and pass Rivatex Factory. After 25 km you will reach Ndalat shopping centre where your vehicle can be parked.

The hill is 2196m high, which is only about 130m higher than Eldoret, so it is not really a challenge to reach the top; but, its open, grassy slopes are steep in places and can be slippy, especially after rain. The local community are very friendly and will even keep you company on your hike.

Chepkiit Waterfalls

These falls on the Kipkaren River are impressive in the rainy season. The surrounding open woodland provides beautiful picnic sites.

Driving from Eldoret, pass the Moi International Airport and then the Kipkaren River bridge and dam (prominent on the left). After a short distance, turn right onto a dirt road and drive for about 3 km. Leave your car and walk the remaining distance, about 1 to 1½ km, to the river bank.
If you arrive early in the morning, you may be fortunate enough to experience the rainbow formed by the morning sun refracting from the water droplets of the falls.

Bird-lovers will not be disappointed; the cliffs, hanging rocks and indigenous trees are home and hunting-grounds for a variety of species, including Augur Buzzard, Grey Heron, Red-billed Hornbill, Red-cheeked Cordon-bleu and Cliff Chat.
Be careful when clambering on the rocks. “Chepkiit" means “view from afar” and is a warning about how treacherous the rock surfaces can be.

For those interested in waterfalls, another, though a considerable distance away, is the KORMOSHO WATERFALL. It is 16 km from Eldoret on the Eldoret – Turbo road and is another nice day-out and picnic site.

Keben Salt Lick

Keben Salt Lick The lick is actually a spring of alkaline "soda water" which emanates from rocky ground and then descends as small waterfalls over rocks. It is surrounded by unique vegetation and indigenous forest and close by there are caves that can be explored. It is located near Lessos and can be reached via the Eldoret – Kesses –Lessos route or the Kapsabet –Nabkoi highway.