Accessing the Region

Road to EldoretThe Uasin Gishu / Nandi region can be accessed from different directions.

The A104 from Nakuru is good tarmac and continues through Eldoret all the way to Uganda.
Another, the C55, offers an alternative route from Nakuru, passing Eldama Ravine. It is very scenic and, near Nyaru, a number of car-stop/view points allow one to gaze out on the south end of the Kerio Valley and the Kerio Fluorspar Mine.
The C36 branches off the A104 at Nabkoi (just past Timboroa) and gives access to Nandi without going through Eldoret.

Three important tarmac roads in the south link Eldoret to the Kericho and Nyanza regions via Kapsabet. They are:
C39 (Kapsabet - Chevakali - A1 - Kisumu);
C37 (Kapsabet - Nandi Hills - B1 - Kericho);
D297 (Kapsabet - C37- Kaptumo - Serem - A1- Kisumu).
All these are good tarmac roads, with bad sections currently being repaired. Most of the roads to the interior parts of the region are of good murram but may be a challenge during the rainy season.

There are daily scheduled flights to Eldoret International Airport from Nairobi, Kisumu and Kitale.