Athletics Training Centres

Numerous training camps for athletes are scattered throughout the region and on any one day in the year there are thousands of young people out training on the rural, pollution-free roads.
You may get a chance to visit one of these camps: among the most famous of them are those of Lorna Kiplagat and Tegla Lorupe and the Kapsait Camp on the Marakwet-Pokot border.


The Foundation is most famous for the organisation of the Tegla Lorupe Peace Race, which is an annual event, every November. It aims to bring together athletes of different tribes in friendly competition.
The race was, for many years, held in Kapenguruia,; but it has increasingly attracted visitors from beyond Pokot and from all over the world and with this change the venue has become more varied. One year it was held on the Pokot / Turkana border; another year it was held in Uganda. Access the Foundation website to find out where it will be held next.


This camp (otherwise known as the “University of Champions”) is located in Iten. It specialises in the training of girls and is very well equipped with swimming pool and gym. It offers accommodation to visitors.


This is very definitely high-altitude. The highest training camp in Kenya and probably in Africa; it is situated at 2900m above sea level. You have to be very dedicated indeed to brave the bitter-cold mornings at this altitude and take to the road. Unfortunately, it does not have very good facilities for visitors. However, maybe something can be arranged if you phone the manager in advance.
Kapsait is in the middle of the Cherangany Hills and not far from Kapyego which is often used by hikers as the starting point to climb the highest peaks.