Getting There

By one means or another

Most visitors enter the region from the south, through the small town of Iten, the administrative centre of Keiyo District; approaching from Eldoret (33 km to the south-west) or from Kabarnet (55 km to the East). The road, from both sides, is the excellent, tarmac C51.

From Iten one can take the “high road” (the D329), to the highlands of Marakwet and Pokot, which are the Cherangany Hills. Alternatively, one can take the “low road” (C51 linking to C52) and drive through the Kerio Valley to the lowlands of Marakwet and Pokot. Those who opt for the “high road” can still diverge to the valley by taking the first-ever (and, to date, only) stretch of tarmac in Marakwet District (D340) to Chesoi and then the scenic escarpment road through Chukor to Murkutwo and Chesongoch.

From Kitale one can get to West Pokot via Kapenguria by heading North-East on the A1, which is good tarmac, passing through fertile farms and then, beyond Kapenguria, dropping down through beautiful scenery to Chepareria.
Beyond Chepareria, heading towards the Marich Pass and beyond, tarmac becomes a rare species; but turnoffs from the A1 are generally murram of good quality. 4WD vehicles are not essential but are always preferable, especially during the rainy seasons.

Road Map for the North


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Road Map for the South


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