Getting There

Most visitors will travel north from Nakuru on the B4 and head for Marigat (95 km), passing the ancient volcanic cone of Menengai on the right and, on the left, in the west, the distant mass of Timboroa. After passing the turn-off to Eldama Ravine (C55), and the “sisal belt” one reaches Mogotio. A stop at the Tourism Information Centre, just beyond the town, will give you all the latest tourism information. This is the point you will cross the equator. The community-run curio shops at the centre offers you a chance to buy a souvenir. Continuing north, the road funnels into the Baringo Valley as the hills and escarpments close in on either side. Now one enters much drier Acacia bushland with, between the bushes, a lot of soil bare soil exposed to the elements of erosion.

You may wish to buy the marvellous Acacia honey that is sold along the roadside. Be careful as you drive not to crush the many wazee kobe (tortoises) that want to cross the road.
There is little change in the scenery until the road starts to descend a little more steeply and then, suddenly, straight ahead, is the first glimpse of Lake Baringo, its waters shining and dotted with a number of dark islands. Very soon after that there is a right junction to Lake Bogoria; and then “the road to heaven”, a left turn to the Tugen Hills and Kabarnet.

A further 17 km after Marigat, passing over several bridges that have a history of being washed away, brings one to the right turn to Lake Baringo. Be prepared to pay at the barrier. Leaving the Baringo turn-off behind and continuing on north, there is a further 14 km before the tarmac ends at Loruk. A right branch here heads for Maralal via Tangulbei; it is a steep road up the Laikipia Escarpment that offers nice views back south over the lake.

Leaving the junction behind and continuing on north, now on murram of varying quality, after 30 km the road veers left at Ng'inyang, parting from a straight-on continuation. The left route is actually the “main road”, the B4 that climbs to the Kito Pass which cuts through the hills to Tot in the Kerio Valley. Don't be fooled by the road classification; this route needs a good 4WD vehicle. The straight-on option (C113) is “the road to hell” ----- well that is often what it feels like; it is so hot in the middle of the day, even the goats hide away in what little shade there is.

The “road to heaven”, the turn to the west before Marigat (C51), is 40 km of good tarmac which climbs up steeply through the Tugen foothills to Kabarnet. Looking back over the valley below, there are fine views of the lakes and the Laikipia Escarpment.

Kabarnet is a cross roads. Straight on, through the town, the C51 plunges down into the Kerio Valley and heads west to Iten and Eldoret. Left and right turns put one onto roads that follow the twisting spinal cord of the Tugen Hills. That to the right (north) heads for Kabartonjo and Kipsaraman. It is fine tarmac but particularly twisty and has some notorious danger spots ----so drive carefully!!
Kipsaraman offers 270º, panoramic views to the North and down into the valleys on either side and1000m below. Here, the white fossiliferous deposits that have yielded Ororin tugenensis, the second-oldest hominoid bones ever found, are clearly visible as scattered outcroppings in the awesome, eastern landscape that includes the northern tip of Lake Baringo.

On the Way

Curio Shop in the Tourism Information Center (Mogotio)

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