Where to Stay

Turkana is a very expansive region. Accommodation facilities are concentrated in Lodwar town (the region's commercial center) and Lokichogio, far to the north-west.

In Turkana there is absolute need for water in the bathrooms, but no need for hot water, as temperatures are generally high with nights averaging 25˚. Again, what is almost essential is a ceiling or portable fan. These will be your priorities when looking for rooms.
If there is no fan in the room, ensure there is a mosquito net. Mosquitos tend to be localised and seasonal and may not be a problem at all; but always be prepared for the worst scenario; carry aerosol insecticide and "Midgex" insect repellant with you.

Lodwar Lodgings

All lodging premises in Lodwar are quite basic. They include: Lodwar Lodge, Turkana Lodge, The Splash, Lodwar Chomazone and Golden Guest House. Most are single story structures with rows of closely-spaced rooms at the back, some of which are self-contained. They are usually (but not always) clean and most rooms have a fan. Mosquito nets are provided ----- but generally considered unnecessary if the fan is kept on throughout the night.
Many lodges, particularly those with a bar in the front (the majority), can be very noisy up to late hours. Bear this in mind when choosing a room. There is one 3-story hotel with rooms on the upper floors and no bar ----- this would be the obvious option for some.

With the discovery of crude oil in Turkana district, there has been an upsurge in the construction of accommodation facilities; particularly in Lodwar and Lokichar. We can only hope there will be a corresponding upsurge in standards.

St. Teresa's Pastoral Center (Lodwar)

This is an accomodation facility for participants in one of the many programs and activities organized by the Catholic Diocese of Lodwar.

It is very simple but excellent in terms of cleanliness and essential facilities.
Visitors should not expect to get rooms here, however, unless there are no on-going events at the Center.