The Ups and Downs of Lake Turkana

Early last year one of the beautiful beach-bandas of Eliye Springs Resort was unusable as it was surrounded by the waters of the Lake.

This was obviously not snticipated by the proprietor of the lodge and was certainly an unusual, and, to some extent unexplained, occurrence that was shared by other lakes in the Rift Valley.
To the south, the shores of both Lake Baringo and Lake Nakuru were inundated and considerable economic loss resulted. In Baringo, a whole hotel disappeared below the water. In Nakuru, the flamingos flew away en masse and game drives around the lake became impossible.

This upsurge in water levels, however, when viewed against the broad picture of history, must be considered definitely anomalous. The truth is, all the Rift Valley Lakes are diminishing; some faster than others.

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MoiteLRs Moite Mountain

 Ihe Incredible Motorbike Journey

Just a few months ago, some tourists from the Czech Republic were relaxing in Kerio View Lodge in Iten and trying to come up with some ideas for a safari. When they heard about the 4WD adventures of JP and JEB at Lake Logipi in the Suguta Valley, they decided to head there themselves ----ON MOTORBIKES ! ! !  Completely crazy, of course; but the full extent of their madness you are yet to learn.

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MoiteBoatsFishermen's boats at Moite


The Great “Around Lake Turkana” Expedition (Nov / Dec 2016)

In late 2016, a group of 7 intrepid adventurers got together to attempt the land circumnavigation of Lake Turkana, the biggest desert lake in the world, using standard 4-WD vehicles. The objectives were:

1. To follow the shoreline of the Lake as closely as possible and only divert inland when absolutely necessary;

2. To return to a nominal starting point ---and so complete the circuit of the Lake. This point eventually turned out to be Baragoi, in Samburu ; a bit further from the Lake than hoped for.

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